Feeling Overwhelmed? Try This Quick and Easy Way to Self-Soothe

When we feel overwhelmed or are having a moment of suffering it’s easy to turn to a glass of wine, some chocolate, zone out on netflix, or call up a friend or partner. But what if we could learn to soothe ourselves without the reliance on something external?  We can gain some control over our emotional experiences and learn to ride the natural wave, the ebb and flow, of our emotions.

Dealing with Life Transitions: Learning to Embrace Change

We all have one, we all like to live in it, and we all experience fear when we step outside it...The Comfort Zone.  To understand why change or stepping outside of our comfort zone is often challenging, it can be helpful to get curious about where we came from and understand why we function the way we do.

Breaking the Silence: Postpartum Support

“As long as you have a happy healthy baby”

This saying has crossed the lips of so many women and their loved ones.   They’re words that we offer for support to new mothers, and they’re words new mothers say to themselves.  These words however, can be silencing.  They silence the mothers and couples who have just endured what can be an extremely overwhelming event - the birth of a child. The arrival of a baby can be a life-changing, beautiful moment.  It can also be described as scary, overwhelming, and even traumatic.