Depression says:

“I can’t get motivated”

“I don’t care about anything, things I used to like seem unimportant now”

“I feel worthless”

“What’s the point?”

“No-one understands me”

“I’ll never be happy again”

Approximately 11% of adults will have diagnosed depression at some point in their lifetime (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2016). Many more adults will go undiagnosed, some often suffering in silence.

Most people experience low mood, it’s a part of our full range of human emotion. However, if it persists it starts to get in the way of us functioning at work, at home, in relationships, etc. There can be many root causes to someone’s depression. For some, it’s been a lifelong relationship with depression, marked by periods of low mood with periods of feeling neutral or good. For others, it’s a new experience, perhaps precipitated by a big event or life change.

Therapy can be helpful to:

  • (a) Understand the roots of your depression.

  • (b) Normalize the experience of low mood

  • (c) Offer tools/strategies for coping with low mood, and to catch those red flags of when you’re mood is starting to decline.

Alexandra’s process:

  • Explores the roots of depression’s origins. There can be many influences on a lifelong relationship with depression. Understanding these roots helps build compassion for WHY depression is present, and gives insight into HOW and WHERE to begin to heal to create lasting change.

  • Normalizes the experience of low mood. Our society has a lot of stigma towards mental illness, which we internalize and become our own worst critic when we experience low mood. Learning to shift your relationship with your emotional self is a powerful tool is not letting depression take over your life.

  • Teaches new ways of coping. We’ll examine what you’re already doing to support yourself (you may not be aware of it yet, but there’s always something helpful you’re already doing for yourself). We’ll also explore new “tools” to add to your “coping toolbox” - these will be customized because it’s not a one-size-fits-all type of deal.